Your local webshop that wants healthier, fairer and more sustainable food. Delivered to your home.


We want to offer an alternative to the current food system. Healthy food should be the norm.


A farmer that is paid honestly, produces more sustainably and transparently. Farmers are co-owners of the IT platform.


Short supply chain brings farmers and eaters closer to each other.
Less food mileage and less packaging.

What's the difference?

The concept in less than 3 minutes: Laurence from Linked. Farm

This is how it works


Know what you eat
Know who made your food
Pay a fair price
Order when you want, without subscription

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We are part of Linked.Farm, the cooperative that wants healthier, fairer and more sustainable food through the short supply chain.
Our farmers have a simplified administration, control in the cooperative and can make use of the cooperative digital platform.


One delivery round = lots of happy customers
Reduced food mileage
Reduced packaging
Reduced impact on our environment


Fair, fresh, local & sustainable
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Frequently Asked questions

Who are we?

Laurence Claerhout Laurence Claerhout
Frederik Cousin Frederik Cousin

For years, Laurence has been driving around Belgium, from north to south, and from south to north, to look for the most delicious products from our farms and to learn how short supply chain works. These visits have motivated her to start in 2015 with her own short supply chain store in Asse: Linked.Farm was born.

A few years later she started collaborating with Stijn Frans who wanted to use his IT talent to bring farmers and customers closer together. With the webshop he built, Linked Farm was able to grow leading to the next step: a B2B project in Ghent: Vanier. Vandeboer also became a hub of Linked Farm. What started out as a local project slowly grows into a real real cooperative.

Linked Farm is growing slowly but surely. Time to attract fresh blood: enter Frederik. From May 2019 he joined part-time in the Asse story that, in order to avoid confusion with the larger cooperative, is renamed Curieuseneus. He helped with the switch to the new website and took over a large part of the deliveries in Asse from Laurence. Soon he joined the Board of Directors of the cooperative.

What are we standing for?


food miles between farmer and customer?

Short supply chain? We are looking for product offer as close as possible to home and think a lot about how we can organise this as rationally as possible. For this we work closely with our producers and see how we can support each other. On average, we cover between 4 and 5 km per customer. For this distance, you can't drive to the supermarket yourself.

packaging waste

Everything comes in reusable boxes that we unload at your door. Fruits and vegetables come without packaging. Unfortunately, this is not possible for meat and fish, but we are constantly looking for possible improvements. For example, by working with Ohne, we can offer a wide range of packaging-free products two weekly. We also deliver washing and cleaning products via refill packs with which we fill your empty bottles.

As much as possible

biological products

It is not always possible to find everything we want close to home and with the organic label. Several of 'our' farmers do what they can to produce environmentally friendly but don't always have the time, conviction or financial resources to apply for the bio-label. Where possible, we offer bio but we always choose family farms that value human values.

different products

Also sometimes a tricky one. We debate a lot about which products we offer. Only local? But customers also want citrus, for example. It's not growing here. Our attitude is: ok, must be possible. But then directly from the farmer abroad. And organic. And only in the season. So you won't see us offer Italian tomatoes or Kenyan beans. They grow here in the summer. And there are plenty of alternatives out there.

In this way, we constantly try to find a good balance between sufficient supply and our ecological principles. Not always easy :-)


As a customer, you know very well what you buy and from whom. We try to provide as much information as possible about our farmers and other producers and of course about the products we sell. To cover our own costs, we have a margin of 20 to 22 percent. Suggestions to reach our goals even better? Laat het ons weten!